How Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are Related

People with diabetes, specifically type 2 diabetics, should really watch out for

diabetes and high blood pressure

. Statistics would tell us that two-thirds of the entire population of type 2 diabetics are likely to have high blood pressure. The normal measure of blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg. Hypertension usually starts from 140/90 and up.

People with diabetes often

diabetes and high blood pressure

that are above the normal rate. Why is this? The chief cause of that is the elevated blood sugar present in people with diabetes and high blood pressurediabetes. When blood is full of sugar or is high with sugar, it becomes really sticky and viscous so much so that it flows slower because it is heavier. Its ability to flow fast is decreased. Therefore, it needs a higher pressure for it to flow properly in the arteries and into the heart. Moreover, Nitric Oxide levels in diabetics are often reduced. Nitric Oxide is essentially a substance that permits blood flow and increases the blood vessels’ pliability. If NO levels are low, the blood vessels are likely to harden or become stiff. This then would necessitate a higher pressure for it to flow properly.

You can avoid

diabetes and high blood pressure

by watching your diet and exercising. Your diet needs to be sugar-free as much as possible. If you really want sugar, it would have to be very little. Normal amount of sugar for normal people is already too much for a person with diabetes. Vegetarian diets are often recommended and they are encouraged to use alternatives for sugar instead such as Honey. Exercising can also be an effective way to eliminate excess sugar from your body. Sweating a lot already makes you lose a certain amount of sugar. The easiest way to exercise is brisk walking. All you need to do is walk fast for several hours a great distance. Do this everyday and most likely your sugar levels are going to drop significantly. There is no shortcut to treating diabetes or making it less harmful so it is advisable to combine proper diet and exercising in your course towards defeating diabetes.

In addition, you can also ask for treatments from doctors who have expertise on this matter. Usually, they would recommend regularly injecting yourself with Insulin so as to keep sugar levels from rising too much. They would also recommend proper diet and exercising. These two are really essential in dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure which is why you should not rule them out just because you think they are so difficult to do.

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